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Bonjour Paris Pure Fragrance Attar - Panthera Onca

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Quick Overview

  • 100% Alcohol Free

  • Roll-On Bottle

  • Pure Fragrance

  • 8-10 Hr's Lasting Under Normal Conditions

  • For Apparel Use Only



Panthera Onca A harmony of bergamot, grapefruit, tangerine and orange evokes a note of freshness as a touch of gardenia gives it an original accent. Sensuality comes from its "heart" with nutmeg and cloves, while sandalwood, pine and cedar mix with patchouli for mysterious overtones * Take note: When it comes to selecting a fragrance, choose one that works hard for you. Option for a fragrance which suits your taste, for traveller’s choose a stronger fragrance. * Application: The best way to wear Bonjour Paris fragrance is on the apparel shoulder blades Area & on the Apparel Collar Area. This is where the fragrance will have the most projection due to the fact that the skin warms up here. “Women could also dab a bit of perfume on the inner side of their knees Area on Apparel,” says Bonjour Paris Experts. Apply your perfume sparingly, and, says Kate, “don’t be tempted to rub the fragrance – it’s better to leave it to unfold naturally as it warms up on the skin. “If you need to, carry the bottle with you to top up later in the day – particularly if you are going out for the evening – this will freshen up the top notes again. Keep it cool: It’s important to store your fragrance bottles in a cool, dark place – so preferably not in the bathroom cabinet – as heat and light can destroy the quality of the perfume. And be careful not to over-apply; you smell your own perfume less than others do because your nose becomes accustomed to it. “The brain adjusts naturally to surrounding smells after a certain time (it's called olfactory fatigue) so while you won't smell it yourself, other people certainly will.”


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